ACES Dust Control - for a cleaner world

From replacement filter cartridges to large industrial systems – and everything in between!

Established in 1984, ACES Dust Control provides world-class dust extraction solutions to companies in the UK and various European locations including Iceland, Norway, Germany, Lithuania, Russia, Bulgaria and Malta. ACES has strong connections with Iceland and Denmark, so we have a long history of serving the particular needs of Icelandic industries such as aluminium extraction, fish-meal processing and boat building. Also unique are our connections with producers in Denmark and Sweden, where some of the world’s best dust extraction machinery is made. Our engineering staff includes fluent Danish and Icelandic speakers, which puts us in the good books of businesses in the Nordic countries!

Clean air solutions for all levels of industry

From the large processing plant to the small workshop, we offer a solid range of tried-and-tested products and spares so our customers can achieve the best possible air quality across all their processes. Our current customers range from large international pharmaceutical and mining companies to smaller UK-based coachbuilders and kitchen fabricators. Scaling dust, mist and fume extraction solutions to meet the specific needs of customers is a hard-earned skill that our engineering team has in abundance.

Replacement filter cartridges

We are particularly proud of our range of filter cartridges and filter bags, which are produced in Europe to very high standards. Thanks to this supply chain, we are able to supply compatible cartridges for most makes of dust extractor. We can also make bespoke bags for obsolete systems. Contact our cartridge sales team to discuss your requirements.

Agents for world-renowned producers

Our connections, built up over 40 years, enable us to supply cost-effective, high quality filters, fans, automatic dampers, rotary valves, separators, cyclones, diverters, ducting and spares. This combination of quality and price makes our ranges attractive to fellow dust extraction companies and such business-to-business enquiries are very welcome.

Consultation – design – installation – aftercare

There are many different types of dust with a huge range of properties and risks attached to each type. Some, like aluminium, are heavy and abrasive, while others, like paper, are light yet have a tendency to clog filters and jam machinery. In addition, the size, demands and location of your machinery and equipment affect the pressures across a system, which can make or break its ability to clean the air in your workplace.  This is why  a ‘one size fits all’ dust extraction system is a false economy – many hours will be lost trying to get it to work properly with your materials and factory layout.   From initial consultation to CAD drawing to  commissioning, troubleshooting and aftercare, all our installation projects are led by experts with real know-how based on many years of practical dust control problem solving.

We really do know how to handle industrial dust!