Automatic Sliding Dampers

automatic sliding damper

The Automatic Sliding Damper supplied by ACES is a compressed air-driven damper for close and fast shut-off. Since the damper is opened and closed automatically, the extractor is always focused on the connections, extraction points or on the machines currently in use. This maximizes the extraction pressure and reduces energy consumption. It also creates cleaner end products and machines, cleaner floors and a healthier working environment.

Airtightness is achieved by using flexible rubber gaskets and sealing rings. Dimensions larger than Ø200 mm, are only provided with sealing rings.

The standard damper can withstand heat at max +80 °C. Teflon sealing joints are available in cases where higher temperatures are achieved. The working pressure is 6-10 bar.

The damper is opened and closed by one or two cylinders, depending on the diameter. The cylinder is operated by a solenoid valve connected to the machine or to a switch. With a microswitch mounted on the damper, the fan can for instance be switched on or off when the damper is opened or closed.


automatic sliding damper technical drawing

1. Pneumatic cylinder
2. Connection 1/8”- 6 mm hose
3. Hose 6 mm
4. Connection 1/8”- 6 mm hose
5. Solenoid valve
6. String sound attenuator 1/8”
7. Cable shoes
8. Coil 230V AC or 24V AC/DC
9. Screw for manual driving of solenoid valve
10. Opening
11. Damper housing
12. Damper blade
13. Sealing set

Dimensions for automatic sliding dampers