ACES Dust Control have expertise in designing and maintaining air cleaning and extraction systems in the following industries:

Food, Beverage & Agricultural

Our extraction services cover a wide range of applications in this sector such as food factories, grain and fish meal processors, breweries, flour mills and many others.


Systems for the removal of hazardous chemical dust and waste from pharmaceutical processing plants and laboratories.

Stone & Mineral Processing

Fume and dust extraction for ore extraction, quarrying, stone cutting, smelting, gypsum and other mineral processing plants.

Solid Surface

Dust extraction solutions for the particular demands of cutting and finishing stone /resin composite surfaces used in kitchen worktops and similar applications.

Carpentry, Joinery &  Sheet Materials

Extraction systems for workshops, sawmills and sheet material fabrication as in boat building, motor home interiors and large-scale joineries.

Fume & Spray

Specialised extraction for processes that involve fume and spray, such as paint spraying, soldering and fibreglass.

Industrial Processes

Clean-air solutions for industrial processes involving a wide range of materials including metal, plastics, paper and textiles.