JK-JC Cutter

JK-JC Cutters

Type JK-2 JC and JK-3 JC cutters are designed for continuous cutting of plastic and paper strips in cut or endless rolls from edge cutters and roller cutter machines.

The cutter chops strips into small pieces, which are easier to transport than long strips, ensuring smooth transport to a collection point or processing.

It consists of one fixed and one rotating set of blades driven by a direct drive motor. The blades are made of a specially-hardened steel which is highly durable with very long service life. Apart from adjustment and grinding, the blades require no maintenance.

The cutter is fitted in a pipe system either connected to paper or print machines, extruders or processing machines. It can be integrated directly into any pipe system between ø150 and ø200 mm.


Rotor with angled blades:

Type JK-2 JC:  2 x blades

Type JK-3 JC:  3 x blades