Pleated Bags

Pleated bags can be used to increase filter surface area inside an existing filter unit. This can increase the capacity of a filter without the need for rebuilding or give new life to an overloaded filter.

Please note that pleated bags are not suitable for all applications, so please contact ACES to discuss your requirements.

An important part of our range is the Envi SuperPleat, which delivers optimal filtration and is used in the food industry, the chemical industry, pharmaceuticals, power plants etc.

SuperPleat advantages

  •  Triple filter area at lower pressure loss (m3/m2/h)
  • Reduced cleaning cycles due to increased surface area
  • Improved filtration efficiency through spunbonded filter materials.
  • Can be installed in your existing dust collector without any changes

SuperPleat features

  • Antistatic (ATEX)
  • PTFE coating
    (oil and water repellent)
  • PTFE membrane (high filtration efficiency)
  • High temperature media (max 260 C)